WiFi Can adapter


WiCAN is a OBD-II WiFi/BLE to CAN adapter based on ESP32, it is the great tool for car hacking. The original firmware can interface directly with RealDash over WiFI or BLE, realdash allows you to create your own custom dashboard with stunning graphics, it's available on ANDROID, IOS AND WINDOWS 10.It can connect to your existing WiFi network or any device can connect to it's WiFi access point.

WiCAN also works with BUSMaster, for monitoring and logging CAN bus traffic.

Also available API for LabView, C#, VB.Net, Delphi, Python - In case you're writing your own software.

Features and Specifications:

  • Supports CAN2.0A/B up to 1Mbits.

  • Works with Realdash, based on "realdash 66"

  • Supports SocketCAN and works with BUSMaster

  • Supports TCP and UDP

  • WiFi can be used in AP and station mode

  • WiFi and CAN configured using web interface.

  • Diode protection for the USB port

WiFi/CAN Configuration

WiCAN can be easily configured via a web interface. The configuration is stored on the flash memory and will be load on boot. So the following step need to be done only once.

  1. Power up the device using the USB cable, or by plugging into the OBD-II connector.

  2. The blue LED will light ON, and a WiFi device access point will start. The SSID will look like: WiCAN_xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Connect to the SSID using the default password: @meatpi#

  4. Using a web browser, go to

  5. The status menu shows the device current configuration, if in Ap+Station mode it will show the device IP on your local network if connected.

  6. The WiFi menu lets you configure the WiFi parameters. It is recommended that you change the AP access point.

  7. The CAN menu allows to choose the protocol set the bitrate and TCP/UPD port number.

  8. When ready click submit Changes button and the device will store the configuration reboot immediately.


WiCAN can connect with RealDash using WiFi or BLE. The Protocol and CAN bitrate must be set using the configuration page. BLE is only support on Android and IOS. Windows 10 only supports WiFi connection.