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ESPNetLink is an LTE and GPS module designed to bring IoT connectivity and vehicle tracking scenarios to life. Whether you’re a member of the WiCAN community, an electric car owner looking to glean insights, or someone interested in advanced telemetry, ESPNetLink provides fast data and precise tracking to power your use case. It is powered directly from the WiCAN Pro’s USB interface or the vehicle’s USB port, ensuring easy installation and reliable performance. 

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WiCAN Pro is an unparalleled diagnostic OBD scanner meticulously designed to meet the advanced needs of automotive diagnostics. It’s powered by a dedicated OBD interpreter chip, ensuring comprehensive support across all legislated OBD-II protocols. With its ability to interface with three CAN BUS protocols and one SW CAN, WiCAN Pro has broad compatibility, covering numerous makes and models.

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MeatPi OBD2 Adapter

Our OBD2 adapter customization service is tailored to meet your specific automotive needs. Whether you're an enthusiast looking to enhance your vehicle's performance or a business seeking a unique solution for fleet management, we can personalize OBD2 adapters to suit your preferences. Contact us for more details.

WiCAN is a OBD-II WiFi/BLE to CAN adapter based on ESP32, it is the great tool for car hacking. The original firmware can interface directly with RealDash over WiFI or BLE, realdash allows you to create your own custom dashboard with stunning graphics, it's available on ANDROID, IOS AND WINDOWS 10.It can connect to your existing WiFi network or any device can connect to it's WiFi access point.

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The Meatpi Dual CAN adapter is a powerful USB High speed dual channel CAN adapter. Supports SocketCAN and Realdash.


mpCAN-USB  is a low cost small footprint  USB to CAN adapter that allows connection to any CAN network, it can be flashed multiple firmwares to support different applications and platforms. 

Ollie is an isolated, multifunction interface module This versatile device combines our most commonly used interface modules into one safe, reliable, compact, and affordable package.   

Ollie DB9 replaces the screw terminal connector by simply toggle the switch it will allow you to connect to any CAN(CIA/ODBII), RS232 or RS485 interface.